About Gaspacks

     Advanced Services provides service & installation of Gaspacks.

     Gaspacks or gas/electric packaged units combine the components of an air conditioner, indoor coil and gas furnace. If you need powerful heating and cooling power (supplied by gas and electricity, respectively) these units are a great option. They also include the most cooling-efficient and heating-efficient gas packs in the industry – the PPG2GI and the PPG3HE.

     The PPG2GI is the iQ Drive® gas/electric packaged system model. It uses an inverter-driven rotary compressor to provide exceptional modulation capabilities. This unit reaches 20 SEER cooling efficiency, meaning it can greatly decrease the amount of money you are spending on cooling costs during the summer.

     The PPG3HE is the first-ever residential condensing gas/electric packaged unit. It reaches an unprecedented 95% AFUE (this is significantly higher than other gas packs that may only reach 81% AFUE at maximum efficiency). How does this unit work? Well, with a high-efficiency gas furnace, condensate forms when it surpasses 90% AFUE. In gas packs, there is a concern that the condensate will freeze and cause a system malfunction. The R8HE eliminates these concerns by piping the condensate below the frost line.

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