Westinghouse EarthDirEX Geothermal Systems

Westinghouse EarthDirEX™ 19+ EER, 3.8+ COP Geothermal Heat Pump

     Advanced Services is proud to offer Westinghouse EarthDirEX geothermal systems. These units do not use water pumps or HDPE water piping. The concept is a DX (Direct Exchange) system that circulates refrigerant through the copper linesets installed vertically in your yard. DX systems provide a direct link to the heat transfer method, while most systems use water as a transfer medium.

     Geothermal heat pump systems are an incredibly quiet and efficient way to heat and cool your home. Because they use the natural energy from the Earth, you can reduce your monthly utility bills by as much as 70 %. Most importantly, these geothermal systems can be installed in any sized home in almost any location.