Geothermal Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Option

     Advanced Services - services & installs domestic hot water (DHW) options on geothermal systems, that allow reduced energy-usage for hot-water production.

     Advanced Services can install a geothermal heat pump that utilizes Domestic Hot Water heating. This option provides hot water heating that will greatly reduce your cost versus a traditional electric or gas water heating setup. This option on the geothermal unit utilizes a special coil that circulates water through it and the water is heated from the compressor hot gas line in the geothermal unit. This reduces the need for the electric heating elements or gas heat exchanger usage by the traditional hot water heating system. This option can also be used for radiant floor, walkway and roof snow melting options.

Geothermal Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Visual

Geothermal Domestic Hot Water DHW Example