Price Estimator

     Advanced Services's Online Price Estimating System (OPES) can give you a "ballpark" estimate on a new system or system repair. This system gives you an idea of how much you money you can expect to spend on your system. Use can also use this system to compare prices between, for example, changing a compressor or installing a new system. OPES is for residential systems only. For an exact estimate, please contact one of our representatives to schedule an appointment for a written estimate.

Service Required

New System Installation

System Change-Out Installation

System Repair

All Estimates provided by Advanced Service's Online Price Estimating System are subject to review and confirmation. The prices estimated are "ballpark" prices that you can use to determine budget requirements and comparisons of services (for example whether to replace a compressor or install a new system). This system is for residential units only. For commercial units and repair, please contact us today for any questions you may have.